According to science alcohol is a solution.

Many people my own age drink to get drunk and have no real appreciation of alcohol. I want to show our generation the beauty of booze.

Gin Fizz Don’t get scared by the egg white. I pinky promise you it’s lush. When I learnt about eggs going into cocktails I was a little wary, then I tried a Flip and I was sold. Think creamy. Think fizzy. Welcome to the world of mixology.
Add your Gin, Lemon Juice, Gomme and Egg white to a Boston Tin.
Fill with ice and whack on that Boston Glass.
Shake it. Hard. This isn’t the time to be delicate. Take all your anger out on that shake.
Strain into  your glass (Don’t double strain, you’ll loose all that lovely fizz)
Top with soda and lap up those bubbles.
  • 21 January 2013
  • 16